Sea Moss Advantages and Methods to Use It

The rise of sea moss

For those who’re curious concerning the current web craze over sea moss, you’re not alone.

Pinterest’s 2020 Traits Report reveals that search quantity for the time period “sea moss” jumped 380 p.c final 12 months, presumably due to a remark Kim Kardashian’s made about sea moss smoothies on Twitter.

Marine elements and dietary supplements have turn out to be so standard that the 2018 market mirrored $2.6 billion spent on algae merchandise alone, in line with Statista, a market analysis firm.

“Persons are at all times searching for the subsequent superfood,” says Amy Gorin, a plant-based registered dietitian nutritionist and proprietor of Plant-Primarily based Eats in Stamford, Connecticut. First there was the algae product spirulina, and now there’s sea moss.

Gorin says sea moss has in all probability risen in recognition as a result of it offers a number of vitamins “which are notable to plant-based eaters,” a rising inhabitants.

Low in energy and full of micronutrients, sea moss could possibly be a wholesome addition to your favourite smoothie, soup, and even chia seed pudding.

Right here’s the whole lot you must find out about sea moss, together with its vitamin, well being advantages, and methods to add it to your food regimen.

What’s sea moss?

Sea moss, also referred to as Irish moss, is a kind of pink algae.

When it washes up on the northern Atlantic coasts of Europe, North America, and a few Caribbean islands, it seems just like the often noticed tangles of slick brown seaweed referred to as sargassum, in line with a 2014 research in Advances in Botanical Analysis.

You will discover this flavorless, edible sea plant in dietary supplements, in uncooked, dried, or gel types, in line with Vicki Shanta Retelny, RDN, an writer and host of the “Nourishing Notes” podcast.

Sea moss vitamin

Sea moss is a pure supply of micronutrients reminiscent of iodine (important for thyroid perform) and iron (a necessary mineral for bodily and psychological vitality).

A typical two-tablespoon serving of uncooked Irish sea moss incorporates the next vitamins:

Energy: 5

Fats: 0 g (0 p.c really helpful every day worth, or DV)

Protein: 0.2 g (0 p.c DV)

Sodium: 6.7 mg (0 p.c DV)

Carbohydrates: 1.2 g (0 p.c DV)

Dietary fiber: 0.1 g (0 p.c DV)

Magnesium: 14.4 mg (4 p.c DV)

Calcium: 7.2 mg (1 p.c DV)

Potassium: 6.3 mg (0 p.c DV)

Iron: 0.89 mg (5 p.c DV)

Phosphorus: 15.7 mg (2 p.c DV)

Sorts of sea moss

Although most sea moss merchandise are comprised of the pink algae Chondrus crispus, the time period “sea moss” could typically discuss with algae or seaweed that is available in varied colours, from inexperienced and yellow to purple and black.

Shanta Retelny says the plant’s dietary profile can range relying on the place it’s grown.

Some sea moss product producers declare that ocean-harvested sea moss is best than sea moss grown in a managed setting, reminiscent of a pool.

Nonetheless, there’s little analysis on the dietary variations, and present research don’t again up the declare.

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Sea moss advantages

“Sea moss could have potential advantages for intestine well being, blood sugar management, and cell and coronary heart well being, however extra strong analysis is required, particularly in people, to find out the advantages of sea moss,” says Shanta Retelny.

Regardless of the dearth of research, there’s a easy purpose sea moss has taken the wellness world by storm: it has a robust dietary profile.

(Listed here are some well being advantages of seaweed.)


Gorin notes that 100 grams of sea moss (about 20 tablespoons) offers 50 p.c of your really helpful every day worth of iron.

“Iron is a nutrient that vegetarians and vegans must pay specific consideration to, as wants are literally greater than these of meat-eaters as a result of the absorption of iron from plant-based meals tends to be decrease,” she says. That’s as a result of numerous high-iron meals are animal merchandise—assume pink meat, oysters, and hen.

Too little iron can result in anemia, however plant sources of iron, like sea moss, can assist you preserve your ranges.


In line with Gorin, that very same 100-gram serving of sea moss incorporates about 34 p.c of your really helpful every day worth of magnesium.

The mineral is usually underrated, nevertheless it’s important for dozens and dozens of your physique’s processes.

Gorin lists a number of advantages of magnesium: bone well being, blood strain administration, and correct sleep.

A magnesium deficiency can manifest as constipation, shakiness, continual fatigue, poor sleep, and even frequent complications. Common consumption of sea moss may assist preserve your magnesium ranges within the protected zone.


Your thyroid wants iodine to make hormones, and for the reason that physique doesn’t make iodine, you must get it out of your food regimen.

“Like different seafood, [sea moss is] excessive in iodine,” says Shanta Retelny.

For those who don’t get sufficient iodine, your physique can’t make thyroid hormone, and you might find yourself with a thyroid drawback.

Understand that iodine is usually added to salt (referred to as iodized salt), so iodine deficiencies—which may trigger a swelling of the throat referred to as goiter—are a lot much less widespread than prior to now.

And an excessive amount of iodine will be unhealthy to your well being. (Learn on to seek out out extra concerning the dangers of consuming an excessive amount of sea moss.)

It would defend your nerves

A 2015 research printed within the journal Marine Medicine urged that pink algae may have neuroprotective results. The preliminary analysis demonstrated that worms given sea moss extract had decrease neuron loss and moved quicker. That might probably assist individuals with Parkinson’s illness.

However not so quick. Earlier than you lay down money for some sea moss, bear in mind the research was performed on worms. That’s good for very preliminary analysis, however solely human research can inform whether or not the algae would have the identical impact in people.

So whereas sea moss would possibly assist defend in opposition to neurological illness, analysis is just too restricted to say for positive. Managed research on people are vital to substantiate the suspicion.

It could assist weight reduction

Some sea moss followers declare that it accelerates weight reduction, however Gorin warns in opposition to believing in “one magical meals” to reset your food regimen.

“One cool factor about sea moss is that it offers protein, nearly two grams per 100-gram serving,” she says. It’s also low in energy, which may support weight reduction.

And, Shanta Retelny says, “it’s a pure type of carrageenan, a thickening agent.” This might perform as a soluble fiber that enhances emotions of fullness, in line with a 2020 analysis overview printed within the science journal Life.

A 2019 research printed in Marine Medicine additionally means that the carrageenan in sea moss may act as a prebiotic, feeding the nice micro organism in your intestine. A correct steadiness of prebiotics and probiotics is crucial for digestive well being, which may assist your weight reduction efforts.

Dangers and uncomfortable side effects

As talked about, sea moss incorporates iodine, which performs an important position in thyroid perform. However Shanta Retelny warns that overconsumption of iodine could cause thyroid issues. Just like iodine deficiency, an excessive amount of iodine could cause goiters and hypothyroidism.

The really helpful dietary allowance for iodine is 150 micrograms (mcg) for many adults.

In line with the Nationwide Institutes of Well being, the utmost tolerable consumption degree of iodine for many adults is 1,100 mcg. Consuming greater than 286 grams of sea moss in at some point may result in well being issues as a result of it could exceed that restrict, in line with a 2020 research printed in Environmental Science and Air pollution Analysis.

Apart from potential iodine overdose, which may trigger mouth burning, abdomen ache, and a weak pulse, sea moss “could comprise a excessive quantity of heavy metals,” says Shanta Retelny. “As with something, moderation is essential.”

How to buy sea moss

Sea moss dietary supplements are sometimes mixed with doses of anti-inflammatory turmeric or different health-boosting vitamins.

For pure sea moss, search for dried or contemporary pink algae labeled “Irish moss” or “Chondrus crispus.” You will discover it on-line or at some well being meals or complement shops.

The U.S. Division of Agriculture doesn’t suggest a selected serving dimension for sea moss, so observe the serving sizes itemizing in your product label for the perfect outcomes.

Wish to give sea moss a strive? Right here’s what our vitamin specialists suggest.

Methods to eat sea moss

Including sea moss to your food regimen is easy. For those who purchase it uncooked as a substitute of dried, Gorin says you’ll want to clean, soak, and mix it earlier than consuming.

Listed here are a number of concepts:

Many sea moss recipes name for sea moss gel, which is just dried sea moss soaked in filtered water in a single day.

There is no such thing as a analysis on how lengthy sea moss gel will keep contemporary in your fridge, so retailer leftovers at your individual threat.

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